Review Trimmers Before Buying

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Yeah, there are so many different brands/models and it is really hard to know which one is the best overall when comparing their features as:
Cost, level of complication when repair, maintenance, and services to keep them in good shape and ready before the season starts.
We are pleased, glad to have the opportunity of showing you these machines which we have been working with.
We also delight to introduce to you the ‘AWAP’
The AWAP is an Aluminum Plate equip with 5″ detachable caster swivel wheel can be installed on any walk-behind trimmers.
Which makes it so easy and less effort when using these machines.
More work done for the same amount of time spent, also less pain.
You will like your walk behind trimmer like never before, thanks to the Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate.
We are going to explore the feature of these machines to find out which one you will like to have.
Learn how to repair and maintain these machines.

* Find out the Pro & Cons of these machines.
* The cost for each
* the Features
* Which one is simple, easy or complex to repair and replacement parts.

Brands/Manufacturers producing these types of machines – See below.
Ariens, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Echo Bear, DR Trimmer, Cub Cadet, Field Edge, Southland, Sarlo, Dirty Hand Tool, Remington, Poulan Pro,
Grillo HWT550, Generac, Swisher, Cobra, Hyundai, Maxxim, Snapper, Troy Bilt.

There are a few more machine brands that we are trying to get.
Some brands have many different models besides the standard model, such as electric starters, self-propelled, Tilt, Swivel, Rotate.
Just remember the more features & parts the machine has, the more it cost to repair and maintain, also take longer time and perhaps more complicated.
The standard, most popular machines are the one that has a coil which you have to pull to start the engine.
To operate these types of machines regardless of extra features, you have to push down on the handle to raise the spin-cup up above the ground, and you have to constantly balance the machine, on its two back wheels while trimming.

We have been blessing to be able to get our hands on these many machines, and they are all brand new accept the Poulan Pro.
We open these machines apart to see the inside. Learn how each of them works and how to replace parts on these machines.
components that make the machine work, such as replacing a worn belt, clutch components, pulleys, springs, etc…
We love them all.  We are not an authorized person, group, etc… to tell you which to buy, we advise you not to listen to sale-persons at the retailers.
What do they know, did they ever actually use one or even own one? How do they tell you which one better than others without using or testing them?
We have our hands on almost all of them and have been trying them all out.
We only want to show you their specifications and let you make the decision which one is fit for your need.

The standard machines basically share the same or similar parts as far as how the machines work.
They have Coil-starter, and you have to push the machine to trim.
Other machines may have extra features such as self propeller, swivel, tilts, rotate, etc…
Some have adjustable cutting height by adjusting the spin-plate lower or higher off the ground. Others have fix cutting height.
Some have variable speeds and others only have one speed for moving forward faster.
Some have variable torque to make the spin-cup spins faster, others only have fixed torque.
( Hints: If I squeeze the clutch-handlebar on the machine which has variable torque feature, the clutch will push against the v-belt to make the spin-cup spin faster.)
We went through them all, and they all are good, and depend on the amount of money and the extra features you want, by reading this you will have an idea which one would be the right one for your need.

Just remember. The more features the machines have, the more complex, cost, time to repair and maintain these machines.

People asking me for advice and recommend them what brands/models they should by base on my experience as I have the opportunity to work on so many of them.
So here is my own opinion. As I said before, I like them all. So it depends on your own situation and what you need.
If you have acres of grass or bushes to clear or trim or mower, consider the machines with a powerful engine, strong body frame, and have metal spin-cup.
Of course, these machines will not be cheap.
But if you only have a little yard or land with grass or bushes, any low end machines will do.

Below are the Craftsman Brand/Models.
Most of them are old models more than 15 years old and one of them are brand new.
The old models are discontinued and we see only one new model which we never seen on sale before until our customer bought it from Lowe’s department store a few month ago. See below photos. The AWAP we made for the Field Edge / Earth Quake walk behind trimmer fitted perfectly for these old Craftsman.

The Craftsman on the right side is brand new which our customer just bought from Lowes last month. We have to use the AWAP which we made for the Remington walk behind trimmer and the AWAP fitted perfectly on this new Craftsman. We have no clue what is going on with Craftsman. No other brands/models have this issue.