How do I know which one to buy?   

Your lawn, yard is so clean & beautiful thanks to the walk-behind trimmer.
Tired of balancing your heavy trimmer on the back two-wheels. You want to be able to trim much longer, don’t you?
Do you believe all of the brands/models of these machines are all rides on the back two-wheels?
Have you ever wonder why don’t they make these trimmers like the lawnmowers which ride on four-wheels?

The problem with the walk-behind trimmer is you have to push down on the handlebar to raise up the spin-cup above the ground, to be able to move the trimmer.
Otherwise, the trimmer will not move.

Believe it or not, this is completely true.

If you ask the owners of the walk-behind trimmers they all saying this. They wish there is a way to make their trimmers easier to control and to maneuver.  

Checkout Review Trimmers Before Buying. Especially for the Craftsman brand owners.
We gathered the manufacturer’s specification of 21 brands and many models for you to read, and compare them, gaining knowledge and may have an idea which one to buy.

It all depends on your need such as: 

1. How big is your land?
2. Do you like manual or electric starter.
3. Push or self-propelled.
4. The back two-wheel range from 12″ through 16″ in diameter.
5. Electric or Battery engine.
6. Exchangeable spindle-mount for accessories and attachments or standard spindles.

Simple is the Best. The more features there are, the more complex and cost to repair.

The best thing to do is to look around your neighborhood, ask the owner of these machines, how they like their trimmers.
They will tell you, and may even let you take it for a test drive in their backyard. That is what I did before I bought my own.

Do you know:
The Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, and Hyundai have the same body-frame style?
The noticeable thing are the color and the engine brand.
The parts and components are almost identical, you can use the clutch brackets from the Craftsman on the Husqvarna.

The Ariens, Field Edge, Snapper, Powermate, and Troy Bilt have the same style body-frame?
You can swap parts and components between these brands.

The Generac, Dirty Hand Tools, and Dr trimmer have the same body-frame style?
You can use parts or components from one brand to another.

The Echo Bear Cat has its own look, like a tank with 24″ cut diameter and 16″ wheels.
Heavy-duty steel body frame, can accept accessories and attachments.
They offer several modes of their trimmers and they are expensive. Really simple to work with.

We said all the above because we did buy all of the machines. 21 of them, which we show them here, they are all brand new.
We Opened them up one by one. Made videos showing inside and outside of the trimmers.
See all the parts, components and find out how they connect with each other and how they work.
Find out hat the difference between them, which one simple and which one complex to repair.

We did this because we want to know how to mount our product on these walk-behind trimmers.

Introducing: the AWAP

AWAP is an Aluminum plate, equipped with a 5″ caster swivel wheel. It can be installed to any walk-behind trimmer, regardless of their brands/models.
The AWAP fits them all. It takes less than 10 minutes with two 7/16″ wrenches to install.


No Drilling, Welding, Cutting on your trimmer.

Take less than 10 minutes to install with two 7/16″ wrenches.
Just slide the AWAP under your trimmer, secure it with hardware came with AWAP.

You are Done.

You are going to love your trimmer like you never did before. Thanks to the AWAP.

transforms any walk-behind triimers into a three-wheeler by isntalling the AWAP
Notice in left photo, I have to push down and hold on to than handlebar to move the trimmer.
In the right photo, see how the trimmer is seated on three-wheels flat on the ground.
The spin-cup is at 1/2″ above the ground.

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